Solana Transactions on the Rise Over the Past Month

Solana Transactions on the Rise Over the Past Month

Transactions on the Solana blockchain has seen a stable increase over the past month according to CryptoSlam.

Over the past month the Solana blockchain has had a total of 2,417,659 confirmed transactions, the most of any blockchain and the only blockchain with at least seven figures in NFT sales volume with more than 1,000,000 total transactions. 

While Ethereum has done around 300% more in sales volume than Solana has, Solana has almost 1,500,000 more total transactions this month than Ethereum and only 30,000 less total buyers.

Solana may still not have the sales volume that Ethereum does but Solana volume has trended up over the past 30 days while Ethereum has trended down. Ethereum has done $343,664,342 in volume this month which is a decrease of 17.16 percent compared to Solana which has done $110,728,743 this month and is an increase of 100.84 percent from the month prior.

Solana is still losing to Ethereum in sales volume today but has the most unique buyers of any blockchain with 10,754 unique buyers compared Ethereum's 10,742.

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