SolSea, Coca-Cola Serbia Collaborate on NFT

SolSea, Coca-Cola Serbia Collaborate on NFT

Coca-Cola Serbia is teaming up with SolSea, a Solana NFT marketplace, to offer unique NFTs and limited edition offerings at EXIT Festival. 

The Deets

  • EXIT Festival is a renowned musical festival in Europe
  • SolSea is powering the NFT technology
  • Festival-goers can now own digital mementos of their experience, with exclusive NFTs offering VIP access, backstage passes, and more

The Bulk

In an union of music and technology, EXIT Festival, Coca-Cola Serbia, and SolSea are aiming to revolutionize the festival experience. They plan to provide attendees with a uniquely immersive venture, all powered by NFTs. The move aims to connect festival-goers with their experiences virtually as well. 

In this case, festival attendees can own digital mementos of their experience at the EXIT Festival, ranging from ticket stubs to recordings of their favorite performances.

The collaboration also hints at the possibility of NFTs linked to exclusive experiences with Coca-Cola Serbia, perhaps offering custom digital art or personalized refreshments.

🔜 What's Next?

EXIT Festival started today, July 6 and takes place throughout July 9. 

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