Sony Partners with Astar Network on Web3 Initiatives

Sony Partners with Astar Network on Web3 Initiatives

Sony is joining forces with Astar Network in a web3 incubation program whose goal is to explore "how blockchain technology can solve various problems" for the tech giant.

❗Why It Matters

Earlier this month, Astar Network partnered with Toyota on a web3 hackathon and this latest partnership with Sony furthers Astar's mission of helping web2 companies explore web3 technology.

🧠 Need to Know

Astar Network offers the following services to companies it incubates:

  • Direct connection to some of the industry's top innovators including Alchemy, Polkadot and Amazon Web Services.
  • Access to technical and financial support.
  • Growth acceleration: companies that succeed in the incubation program will advance further.

🔜 What's Next?

  • Companies can apply to the program before March 6.
  • The incubation period will last three months, from mid-March to June 18.
  • On June 18, companies that participated in the program will demo their products to Sony at its corporate headquarters.
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