Sorare Adds New Franz Beckenbauer Legend Cards

Sorare Adds New Franz Beckenbauer Legend Cards

Franz "Der Kaiser" Beckenbauer is getting new Sorare Legend cards. The new cards feature his time in 1975 and 1976 with Bayern Munich and the West Germany National team.

During that time, Beckenbauer earned his third straight European Cup and his second Ballon d'Or, an annual soccer (football) award presented by the French news magazine France Football.

"That was the most successful time for FC Bayern," Beckenbauer said in a video posted on Sorare's official Twitter. "We won the European Cup three times. Six FC Bayern players were European and World champions."

"There was a team spirit that couldn't have been bettered," he continued. "You can't get more successful than that."

But Beckenbauer attributes his success to his team.

"I don't like the word superstar," he said. "Muhammad Ali can say he is a superstar. He fights alone. We need a team. Nobody can say in a soccer team: 'I won this game.' This is team work. And then maybe you can be a superstar. But alone, you don't become a superstar."

Beckenbauer was named to the Ballon d'Or Dream Team in 2020 and listed in FIFA's 100 world's greatest living players.

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