Opens for All Artists, Announces $20M Raise Opens for All Artists, Announces $20M Raise opened up its platform to all artists and announced a $20M Series A funding round to create a fairer model for music.

The Deets

  • is now accessible to all artists.
  • Series A funding amounting to $20M raised to make this possible.
  • Artists maintain complete creative control and ownership over their contracts.
  • Since its launch, Sound has helped artists earn over $5M.

The Bulk

Sound, a web3 music platform, announced its expansion, now allowing all artists to join their platform, leaving behind the model of invite-only. This move is further backed by a $20M Series A funding round, making Sound's ambitious vision a reality.

Artists can access the platform by visiting Sound's website and claiming their artist profiles. This move is seen as an effort by Sound to democratize the music industry, providing artists with a platform where they have full creative control and own their contracts outright.

Since its launch in 2022, Sound has garnered attention and praise within the music industry. Its unique model, built on empowering fans to support artists directly, has proven successful. To date, Sound has facilitated over $5M in earnings for artists. Now, by opening this model to all, they aim to transform the music industry fundamentally.

For artists, Sound offers an array of benefits, from releasing their first onchain track without the need for coding knowledge to seeing their biggest and earliest supporters. Artists can also enjoy instant payment on all earnings from their drops.

For music fans, Sound provides a platform to discover new music, collect music as proof of early fandom, and even earn money by curating playlists and songs.

🎤 Platform Prose

Our mission is to help artists make a living off their music. We want to scale this model to all artists, big or small, and become the new home for music discovery on the internet.Sound

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