Split or Steal? nftperp Announces New Degen Draw Game on Blast

Split or Steal? nftperp Announces New Degen Draw Game on Blast

nftperp introduced "Degen Draw," a new feature exclusively on Blast's L2, blending luck, strategy, and trading activity to offer weekly prizes.

The Deets

  • Trade and Win: Engage in trading on nftperp to secure raffle tickets for every 0.1 ETH volume, opening a path to win weekly Blast incentives, including Points & Gold.
  • A Twist in the Game: Two finalists face a pivotal choice - to Split or Steal the pot, introducing a layer of game theory dynamics.

The Bulk

Degen Draw, the latest innovation from nftperp, is now live exclusively on Blast's L2, offering participants an intriguing mix of luck and strategy to secure weekly rewards. This feature is not just about trading but about making critical decisions that could either amplify your gains or lead to potential losses thanks to the game theory infusions. 

Participants earn raffle tickets by trading, with every 0.1 ETH of trading volume granting them a chance to win a part of the weekly Blast incentives. However, the real twist comes when two finalists are chosen. They must decide whether to Split or Steal the pot, a decision that introduces complex game theory dynamics into the mix. Choosing to Steal could potentially lead to winning the entire pot but at the risk of losing a majority of your winnings for the week if the other finalist makes the same choice. On the other hand, opting to Split promotes cooperation but leaves you vulnerable to having your half of the pot stolen.

This innovative feature tests participants' willingness to cooperate or compete, making every week's decision a critical moment that could significantly impact their overall winnings.

🎬 Take Action

Interested traders and strategists can start earning raffle tickets by trading on nftperp via Blast. Use code "LUCKYTRADER" to gain access. 

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