Starbucks Details Web3 Loyalty Program

Starbucks Details Web3 Loyalty Program

Starbucks has officially shared details on its highly anticipated web3 loyalty program, Starbucks Odyssey.

"Starbucks Odyssey will offer members the ability to earn and buy digital collectible stamps (NFTs) that will unlock access to new, immersive coffee experiences," reads the opening line of the press release

Lauded for a robust loyalty and rewards program, Starbucks is one of the first major brands to incorporate a web3 loyalty program. As of today, interested parties can provide their email address and join a waitlist for a chance to receive early access to Starbucks Odyssey which will launch later this year. 

The new Starbucks Odyssey platform, built upon the Polygon blockchain, will act as an extension of the existing Starbucks loyalty and rewards program. 

Interestingly, the leading coffee chain will join Coca-Cola and Budweiser as notable consumer brands that have chosen to build a web3 presence on the Polygon blockchain instead of Ethereum mainnet. Polygon, formerly Matic, is an Ethereum sidechain that typically offers lower fees for transacting on the blockchain, making it advantageous for use with many, microtransactions. 

But when interacting with Starbucks Odyssey, users won't know or feel like they are interacting with the blockchain. 

Instead, Starbucks will follow a model similar to Dapper Labs and NBA Top Shot, not requiring the use of a web3 wallet or any cryptocurrencies, making it as easy as possible for millions of customers to subtly make their entrance into web3, without all the technical barriers to entry. 

Once inside the platform, loyal customers will be able to collect "digital stamps" or NFTs with IP they've already become accustomed to. Each Starbucks stamp NFT will include iconic Starbucks-themed art. 

Additionally, all Starbucks stamp NFTs will include point-based rarities. The more points a member accrues, the bigger the potential rewards available to them. Example benefits include access to exclusive merchandise, invitations to Starbucks roasteries, and more. 

Want to be among the first to trade NFTs on the Starbucks Odyssey marketplace? Put your name on the waiting list

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