Starbucks Odyssey Unleashes Open-Edition Stamps

Starbucks Odyssey Unleashes Open-Edition Stamps

Starbucks Odyssey will debut its first Open-Edition Stamp Collection, offering three unique designs inspired by their original avatars—Bear, Tiger, and Hummingbird. 

The Deets

  • Three unique Stamp designs: Bear, Tiger, Hummingbird
  • Sale duration: 48 hours starting 12 PM PDT on June 22nd
  • Price: $25 per Stamp, limit 3 Stamps per person
  • Reward: 250 Points for each Stamp purchased

The Bulk

Starbucks Odyssey announced the release of its first-ever Open-Edition Stamp Collection. The collection features three unique Stamp designs, each one paying homage to the Odyssey's original avatars—the Bear, Tiger, and Hummingbird.

Starting 3:00 p.m. ET on June 22, customers will have a 48-hour window to buy these exclusive Stamps. Each Stamp costs $25, and buyers will receive 250 Points for each Stamp purchased.

After the sale ends, the designs of the purchased Stamps will be revealed. If you're lucky, you might collect all three of the original avatars. To complete the collection, you'll also have the opportunity to earn a Komodo Dragon Stamp by finishing your World of Coffee Journey.

🎬 Take Action 

Users can preview the collection ahead of Thursday's drop here

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