Sugartown Announces Final Allowlist Opportunity

Sugartown Announces Final Allowlist Opportunity

Sugartown, Zynga's upcoming web3 game, announced its final allowlist opportunity, providing one last chance for users to secure an NFT from its upcoming drop. 

The Deets

Last Chance: A final allowlist opportunity for Sugartown Oras
Deadline: Friday, Sept. 1 at 3:00 p.m. ET for both entry and collab verification
How to Enter: Enter the raffle via PREMINT
Not Guaranteed: Winning an allowlist spot doesn’t guarantee mint; it’s the last chance before public minting.

The Bulk

Sugartown is offering another bite at the apple with a final, non-guaranteed AL mint phase for the sought-after Oras project. Users have until Friday, Sept. 1 at 3:00 p.m. ET to enter the drawing through PREMINT.  

Additionally, this deadline is important to those who managed to secure an allowlist spot via an official collaboration. If you managed to secure a spot through collaborations, it’s crucial to register your wallet by the same deadline to guarantee your position. Failure to verify will result in the forfeiture of your allowlist spot.

This final allowlist opportunity does not guarantee an Ora NFT since the allowlist is oversubscribed. The PREMINT raffle will select 2,000 wallets for addition to the allowlist. 

🎀 Community Quotes

Thanks for this, thought all hope was lostπŸ˜… Manifesting some last minute SugarOKOLIEMMANUELS2

🎬 Take Action

Want to test your luck? Enter the PREMINT raffle here

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