Sugartown Unveils Oras Staking Launch

Sugartown Unveils Oras Staking Launch

Sugartown's Oras Staking platform is set to launch on Wednesday, offering players a new way to participate in its reward program and gaming ecosystem. 

The Deets

  • Oras Staking lets users earn Energy for each Ora staked
  • Energy, exclusive to Sugartown, is not an ERC token and cannot be traded
  • Energy is essential for participation in events, climbing leaderboards, and winning prizes
  • Initial event restricted to 400 selected users within Sugartown's sub-communities

The Bulk

Sugartown, the virtual gaming hub, is releasing its Oras Staking platform this Wednesday. A unique feature, staking Oras will reward players with Energy. Unlike typical cryptocurrencies, this Energy is not an ERC token and remains untradeable or transferable among users. The sole purpose of this Energy is to drive participation within the Sugartown ecosystem.

For those questioning the utility of staking and acquiring Energy, the answer lies in Sugartown's games. Energy is a prerequisite to participate in any events, compete on leaderboards, and stand a chance to win coveted prizes. The inaugural NGMI event will be open only to 400 users from various Sugartown sub-communities.

As Sugartown's message conveys: to truly enjoy the realm of Sugartown games, staking is imperative. After all, more Energy translates to more opportunities.

📊 By the Numbers

Since its free mint, Sugartown Oras have blossomed to a floor price of 0.29 ETH.

🎤 Platform Prose

Why stake?To play the GAMES of course! Without Energy, you will not be able to participate in any of our events, climb the leaderboard, and have the opportunity to win prizes.Sugartown

🔜 What's Next?

With the staking platform's imminent release, players should stay tuned for more detailed announcements and a link to the platform this Wednesday. 

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