SuperRare Revealing Lazy Minting With Pindar Van Arman Drop

SuperRare Revealing Lazy Minting With Pindar Van Arman Drop

Pindar Van Arman will unveil “The First Sparks of Artificial Creativity,” a unique 1/1/128 series leveraging a novel lazy minting auction mechanic on SuperRare tomorrow. 

The Deets

  • 128 Unique Works: A collection of 128 digital artworks priced at 1 ETH each.
  • Limited Availability: Available for purchase for up to one week, with a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Historical Significance: Linked to physical paintings distributed in 2018, none of which had their cryptographic certificates of authenticity claimed.
  • Enhanced Artistry: Each piece is an AI-enhanced digital version of the original physical works.

The Bulk

Pindar Van Arman's latest series, “The First Sparks of Artificial Creativity,” is a collection comprised of 128 distinct digital artworks, each priced at 1 ETH. These pieces are available for a limited period of one week.

Each digital artwork in this series is not just a standalone piece; it's connected to a physical painting distributed during the 2018 “Views” conference in NYC. Interestingly, none of these paintings had their cryptographic certificates of authenticity claimed, adding a layer of historical and collectible value to the series.

In a unique blend of the physical and digital worlds, Van Arman is offering these works in their digital form with AI enhancements. The metadata of each piece includes proof of the original unclaimed certificates, tying back to the 2018 physical artworks.

🔜 What's Next?

Unsold pieces after the one-week availability will be locked in Van Arman’s collection for five years.

🎬 Take Action

The collection launches Thursday at noon ET to participate in this limited-time offering.

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