Transient Labs Releases New Shattered Contract

Transient Labs Releases New Shattered Contract

Transient Labs released its latest feature, the Shatter Contract, which allows artists to mint digital creations as unique 1/1s with the option for collectors to fragment them into editions or retain them as unique pieces.

The Deets

  • Artists have the autonomy to decide if they want their creation to be shattered into editions or remain as unique 1/1s and specify the edition limit.
  • Collectors can 'shatter' the NFT into its pre-set number of editions or unique 1/1s, receiving the pieces directly in their wallet.
  • The original 1/1 is incinerated post-shattering, but collectors holding all pieces can 'fuse' them back to the original 1/1.
  • The contract also enhances the NFT experience by offering flexibility, liquidity, and engagement to collectors, while artists can unlock various liquidity mechanisms.

The Bulk

The Shatter Contract is new smart contract type from Transient Labs. Here's how it works: Once an artist mints their digital artwork as a unique 1/1, they can decide if they want their piece to be shattered into multiple editions or stay as unique 1/1s. They also set a cap on the number of editions.

Subsequently, a collector can opt to 'shatter' this piece, fragmenting it into the number of editions or unique 1/1s determined by the artist. Post this process, these new editions are instantly sent to the collector's digital wallet, and the original 1/1 piece is destroyed. However, if a collector manages to obtain all the editions or 1/1s of a piece, they can 'fuse' them back into the original 1/1.

This contract enhances the collector's NFT journey by providing:

  • Flexibility: The choice to maintain as a 1/1 or diversify into multiple editions/unique 1/1s.
  • Liquidity: The freedom to sell parts of the NFT or the entire piece.
  • Engagement: The ability to deeply engage with art, choosing to either fuse pieces back together or keep them shattered.

Artists benefit by:

  • Offering their art as an edition for collectors, which unveils liquidity possibilities.
  • Introducing various versions of their creation as distinct 1/1s.
  • Fragmenting an animation into an assortment of unique 1/1s, which act as the still frames.

The efficiency of the Shatter Contract has been optimized to cut gas costs by nearly 50%, promoting more art with lesser gas consumption. The ShatterRegistry further ensures the authenticity, security, and flexibility for future enhancements.

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The Shatter Contract offers unprecedented flexibility & interaction between creators and collectors.Transient Labs

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Explore use cases like the "Traffic Jams" collection by Bryan Brinkman and Rich Caldwell to see what the Shatter contract offers.

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