UFC Strike Announces Newest Free Hype NFT: Michael Bisping

UFC Strike Announces Newest Free Hype NFT: Michael Bisping

UFC Strike, which just recently announced its upcoming London Pack Drop and London Fight Week community meetup, is now giving out its newest free Hype NFT: Michael "The Count" Bisping's epic press conference interaction with then-UFC Champion Luke Rockhold.

Bisping, who tells Rockhold to "shut the f--- up" in the video recording of the press conference, ultimately ended up winning that fight at UFC 199 in the first round via knockout. 

To reserve your free Hype NFT, go to the reservation page here and link your UFC Strike account's email address. There is a limit of one Bisping Hype NFT per collector. The deadline is Jul. 26 at 2 p.m. ET and distribution will begin on Jul. 28. 

UFC Strike's last Hype NFT featured Israel Adesanya.

Hype NFTs are tradable on the UFC Strike marketplace, but they are different than standard UFC Strike Moment NFTs. 

"Moment NFTs will still remain the number one focus for UFC Strike and will continue to feature the best Moments from the Octagon, be used to complete challenges, adhere to strict scarcity rules, and earn status within the UFC Strike ecosystem," the UFC Strike team wrote in its blog post. "Hype NFTs will only feature action from outside of the Octagon, will be primarily a collectible NFT, will not have set scarcity rules, will not be utilized to complete challenges, and will be primarily distributed as promotional items or rewards."

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