UFC Strike Halts Pack Drops After Exploit

UFC Strike Halts Pack Drops After Exploit

UFC Strike is pausing pack drops for October and sending credit to those who participated in 10 pack drops after freezing accounts belonging to a user who allegedly exploited those drops. 

The Dapper-led project said the "bug" that allowed a user to pull an "abnormal amount of highly sought-after NFTs" from packs "has been identified and fixed." 

UFC Strike said the exploit impacted its "technology" and doesn't apply to other Dapper products such as NBA Top Shot and NFL ALL DAY.

The announcement came after a Sept. 30 announcement that the platform was looking into "reports of suspicious activity" and had frozen a handful of accounts. No further information was given.

There are discussions in the UFC Strike Discord about the suspected user pulling nine Champion moments in as many packs.

UFC Strike wouldn't confirm the amount of rare NFTs collected, though a thread from Twitter user ZukCollections showed a user purchasing four packs and pulling rare NFTs in each pack.

Users who purchased packs in the following drops will receive 10 percent of their purchase price back:

  • UFC Starter Pack
  • Dojo Pack
  • Icons Pack
  • Champion Club Tapped Premium Pack
  • The 209 Part II Pack
  • Lights Out: Kamaru Usman Premium Pack
  • Tapped Premium Pack
  • UFC 276 Fighters Pack
  • Lights Out: Sean O'Malley Base Pack
  • UFC 274 Fighters Elite Pack

UFC Strike also encouraged users to share suspicious activity so it can be "swifty reviewed."


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