UFC Strike Waiting Room Open for Tapped Base Packs

UFC Strike Waiting Room Open for Tapped Base Packs

UFC Strike's Tapped Base pack drop is expected to start at 2 p.m. ET today, Sep. 30. The waiting room is now open.

Access the waiting room here.

Each pack is guaranteed to contain one Shavkat Sakhmonov Contender Moment. In addition, each pack contains two special edition NFTs. 

"Collect the slickest submissions in UFC history as officially-licensed digital collectibles, featuring the sights and sounds of the most breathtaking moments from the floor of the Octagon," the UFC Strike website reads. "The 2-Day Tapped event concludes with the second of two epic pack drops, featuring exclusive Moments from the submission artists of UFC."

A breakdown of all the UFC fighters in this pack drop is available here, including a Royce Gracie Champion Moment.

These packs also contain UFC legends like Ronda Rousey, Frank Mir, and Tony Ferguson.

There is a limit of one pack per customer for the first 30 minutes of the drop. After that, customers can return and purchase a second, third, or fourth pack (if any remain).

Yesterday's Tapped Premium packs sold out.

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