Uniswap Labs Acquires Crypto: The Game

Uniswap Labs Acquires Crypto: The Game

Uniswap Labs announced its acquiring Crypto: The Game (CTG), bringing an interactive, onchain survival experience to its platform.

The Deets

  • Integration: CTG team joins Uniswap Labs to work on Season 3 and future onchain activations.
  • Past Success: Previous CTG seasons saw contestants buy in with 0.1 ETH, join tribes, and compete in challenges
  • Season 3: New themes, twists, and onchain features are coming.

The Bulk

Uniswap Labs, the leading decentralized finance protocol, announced its acquisition of Crypto: The Game (CTG), an interactive onchain survival game that has garnered significant attention on Crypto Twitter. With this acquisition, the CTG team will join Uniswap Labs to continue innovative work on Season 3 and to experiment with new onchain activations for the Uniswap community.

In Crypto: The Game, contestants buy in with 0.1 ETH, join tribes, participate in daily challenges, and vote each other out over ten-day seasons, culminating in one winner taking the entire pot. 

ğŸŽ¤ Platform Prose

Our goal is simple: to build products that offer the best onchain experiences for our users. That's why we're so delighted to welcome CTG to Uniswap Labs.Uniswap Labs

🔜 What's Next?

Season 3 of CTG promises new themes, twists, and onchain features. 

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