Upcoming Ordinals Mint Aims to Change Bitcoin NFTs

Upcoming Ordinals Mint Aims to Change Bitcoin NFTs

Bitcoin Ordinals Pizza Ninjas, an upcoming Ordinals NFT collection, aims to revolutionize Bitcoin NFTs and "raise the technical bar" for Ordinals projects in the future. 

The Deets

  • Innovative Use of Bitcoin Ordinals: Art and application merged
  • Dynamic PFP: More than just a static image, it's a full JavaScript application with dynamic holiday traits
  • Customizable Features: Includes dynamic resizing, custom animations, and 1-click social stickers.
  • Super Nintendo Gaming Integration: Play classic SNES games directly from your PFP.

The Bulk

Bitcoin Ordinals Pizza Ninjas aims to take a significant leap in the utilization of Bitcoin Ordinals, going beyond traditional uses of static PFPs and art. Founder Trevor.btc calls the method "Art as an Application," or more aptly, "PFP as an Application." This means a profile picture (PFP) isn't just a static image; it's a comprehensive JavaScript application with a range of functionalities.

The application allows for dynamic resizing, enabling users to adjust their Ninja's resolution. Users can also create custom animations, frame-by-frame, for each layer of their Ninja and build 1-click social stickers for enhanced personal branding and engagement.

One unique aspect of the Ninja experiment is that holders can play Super Nintendo games directly from their PFP, a feature that required extensive customization of an emulator compatible across various marketplaces and explorers. This not only serves as a novel entertainment avenue but also addresses the issue of preserving classic video games.

🎤 Founder Feedback

We set out to leverage the unique capabilities of Bitcoin Ordinals in a way that would be extremely challenging to imitate on Ethereum We're calling this approach 'Art as an Application' or more appropriately 'PFP as an Application.'Trevor.btc

🎬 Take Action

Explore the 88-page GitBook to dive deeper into what Bitcoin Ordinals Pizza Ninjas plans to offer. 

🔜 What's Next?

The project's mint will take place next Tuesday, Jan. 16 at 10:00 a.m. ET on Magic Eden. 

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