Van Dough's NFT Gallery Boasts Impressive Roster of Artists

Van Dough's NFT Gallery Boasts Impressive Roster of Artists
From left, work from Alpha Centauri Kid, Joe Pease, Drift, and Nude Yoga Girl.

Notable NFT collector Vincent Van Dough announced Tuesday the creation of a new digital art gallery featuring the work of several prominent artists such as Alpha Centauri Kid, Claire Silver, Dmitri Cherniak, Grant Riven Yun, Isaac Wright (Drift), among others.

Art of the Millenium will “work hand in hand with our artists every step of the way…ultimately placing works with top patrons,” according to the site.

Users can explore two exhibitions on the site — one from the artist Tjo called “un vent d’hiver” and another showcasing AOTM artists — by traveling through virtual galleries in OnCyber spaces. 

In a tweet thread, Van Dough said the gallery feels “strongly about the importance of royalties” and is “taking measures to ensure artists always receive 10 percent of any secondary sales…no matter where or how any pieces are sold.”

“We are committed to investing in the proliferation of digital art, with plans to reinvest the majority of proceeds into supporting emerging artists and facilitating in-person exhibits and shows,” Van Dough said.

This is Van Dough’s first major announcement since he helped the firm liquidating Three Arrows Capital’s assets (including the Starry Night Capital fund) locate all the NFTs in the fund.

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