Vault Launches Fantasy Music

Vault Launches Fantasy Music

Vault's Fantasy Record Label is now live, offering cash prizes and support of musical artists in web3. 

The Deets

  • Fans create their own fantasy record labels to support emerging artists
  • Cash prizes and point airdrops for participants based on artists' 7-day listener gains
  • A new music economy: buy, trade, and collect limited-edition music releases.

The Bulk

Fantasy Record Label, developed by the co-founders of FanDuel, introduces an innovative platform for music lovers and aspiring music moguls. This platform allows fans to "sign" emerging artists to their fantasy record label. Participants compete for cash prizes and point airdrops, determined by the highest 7-day monthly listener gains of the artists they support.

The platform is built on three pillars: a primary market for purchasing limited-edition releases of unreleased music, a secondary market where these vaults can be sold, collected, and traded, and the Fantasy Record Label game itself, rewarding fans for early support of artists. This innovative approach aims to democratize the music industry, shifting the focus from traditional industry favoritism to a more inclusive and engaging model.

🎤 Founder Feedback 

T<em>hink fantasy sports but for the music industry.&nbsp;</em><em>I believe that unlike the sports and gaming industries, music has failed to energize top fans and embrace new formats. Streaming has been great for the music industry&rsquo;s bottom line, but it serves passive listeners, not diehard fans.</em><em>Our goal is to bring joy, pride, and competition back to collecting music, and create upside for both fans and artists in the process.</em>Nigel Eccles, CEO Vault}

🎬 Take Action

Ready to be part of this music revolution? Rosters lock tonight at 7:00 p.m. ET. Sign up now at Fantasy Record Label's website.

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