Verse Hosting William Mapan's 'Intimacy'

Verse Hosting William Mapan's 'Intimacy'
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Digital art platform, Verse, will host William Mapan' "Intimacy," an exhibition showcasing two new generative art series, challenging perceptions of digital versus traditional art.

The Deets

  • Series "Sketchbook A": Depicts childlike sketches, revealing a computer's mimicry of crayon textures.
  • Series "Through Your Eyes": Emulates analogue methods like colored pens and highlights, drawing attention to the human tendency to find patterns in abstraction.
  • Physical Exhibition: Scheduled in London from Oct. 4-8, opening on Oct. 3

The Bulk

William Mapan is setting the stage for an introspective look into the relationship between the artist and the computer with his "Intimacy" exhibition, hosted as Verse's fifth exhibition. With two unique series, he pushes the boundaries of digital art.

"Sketchbook A" may at first glance appear as childlike, crayon-drawn sketches. However, these seemingly simple drawings hide a sophisticated algorithm. The computer-generated hard edges imitate crayon textures on a 2D digital canvas, resulting in images that evoke nostalgia for the unrestricted creativity of childhood, setting them apart from conventional digital art aesthetics.

His second series, "Through Your Eyes," pushes the artistic envelope further. While it replicates the look of traditional mediums like colored pens and highlighters, it nudges viewers to identify patterns and meaningful anchors within its abstract forms, thus highlighting the human proclivity to find meaning in the chaotic.

Attendees on the opening night can also look forward to a panel discussion where prominent curators will engage in a rich dialogue around the transformative role of technology in the art world.

ğŸŽ¤ Founder Feedback

Creating is a journey through myself, and I cherish the moments where I’m in my flow with just the will to create.William Mapan

🔜 What's Next?

Those wishing to attend the opening night in London on Oct. 3 can RSVP here

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