Verse Teases Major New Product, Raising Money

Verse Teases Major New Product, Raising Money

Verse, a platform for digital art collecting, teased an upcoming major product launch to onboard millions to the world of digital art NFTs and that the platform is accepting investments from accredited investors. 

The Deets

  • Aims to make digital art more accessible
  • Opening platform to leading galleries to present digital art
  • Fundraising for next steps

The Bulk

Verse began as a platform for individuals without a background in cryptocurrency who wanted to collect quality digital art but found the process daunting. The platform's core ethos is to make digital art and its culture more accessible, breaking down barriers to allow the space to grow and reach tens of millions of users.

According to Verse, the general public associates the term NFT primarily with profile pictures (PFPs), cryptocurrency, and often perplexing memes. Verse envisions changing this perception, aiming for people to associate NFTs with credible, museum-quality digital art — think of iPad works by the artist David Hockney housed in MoMA.

In line with this vision, Verse will soon open its platform to leading galleries. This move will allow these galleries to present digital artwork to an entirely new audience — one comprised of non-crypto people. More information about this product will be announced in due time.

ğŸŽ¤ Platform Prose

We started Verse as non-crypto people wanting to collect great digital art...and struggling. While we love the space's culture, we believe that for the space to grow to tens of millions we need to make digital art more accessible, and much easier.Verse

🔜 What's Next?

Verse is preparing to raise funds to facilitate its next steps. Accredited investors interested in learning more about these steps are encouraged to follow the link provided by Verse.

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