Visa Unveils Web3 Loyalty Solution

Visa Unveils Web3 Loyalty Solution

Visa unveiled its Web3 Loyalty Engagement Solution last week, aiming to change customer engagement and loyalty in the digital age and bring web2 brands into web3. 

The Deets

  • Visa's new service focuses on immersive customer engagement programs.
  • These include gamified giveaways, augmented reality treasure hunts, and new ways to earn loyalty points.
  • The solution is powered by SmartMedia Technologies, blending web2 and web3 innovations.
  • Visa's service aims to meet next-generation customers in digital and virtual worlds.

The Bulk

Visa is hoping to set a new standard in customer engagement with the launch of the Visa Web3 Loyalty Engagement Solution. This pioneering service is designed to transform how brands connect with customers in an increasingly digital world, offering immersive programs like gamified giveaways and augmented reality treasure hunts.

This solution, created in partnership with SmartMedia Technologies, aims to seamlessly integrate web2 brands with web3 technologies, providing them with an advanced platform for crafting curated consumer experiences. The initiative is not just about enhancing traditional loyalty programs; it's a leap into the future of customer engagement, where digital interactions are as significant as transactions.

❗️Why It Matters

Visa's signifiance in the financial world cannot be understated, and its continued exploration of web3 and cryptocurrency showcases a validation that what the industry we're participating in, might not be all that silly after all (...I know, it's very silly still). 

🎤 Founder Feedback

Our new innovative digital loyalty solution empowers brands to reward customers not only for their transactions but for their active engagement, paving the way for secure, seamless and immersive digital and real-world experiences at their fingertips.Kathleen Pierce-Gilmore, SVP and Global Head of Issuing Solutions, Visa

📊 By the Numbers

A Euromonitor report cited by Visa indicates that 77% of consumers globally value real-world experiences, and 60% prefer personalized experiences tailored to their preferences. 

🔜 What's Next?

Visa appears to be courting web2 brands who may be interested in exploring a web3 loyalty program via its downloadable fact sheet and an urging to contact their Visa representative to learn more. 

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