WalletConnect Unveils Decentralization Roadmap

WalletConnect Unveils Decentralization Roadmap

WalletConnect, a web3 communications protocol, revealed an ambitious roadmap for building a decentralized network by 2025.

The Deets

  • Transition to Decentralization: A strategic plan to decentralize WalletConnect.
  • Phase Approach: Four distinct phases culminating in an open, permissionless network.
  • Current Success: Over 3,000 dapps and 500 wallets currently using WalletConnect.
  • End Goal: Enhanced performance, privacy, and resilience in web3 communications.

The Bulk

WalletConnect is embarking on a transformative journey towards decentralization. The roadmap, stretching to 2025, outlines a systematic transition from the existing federated and closed system to an open, permissionless network. This move aligns with the foundational principles of web3, prioritizing user privacy, security, and autonomy.

The roadmap is divided into four phases, each with specific objectives and milestones. The current phase focuses on beta testing and infrastructure expansion.

Subsequent phases will see the network evolve from closed, permissioned operations to an open, permissionless framework, integrating multiple nodes to distribute control and enhance network robustness.

This step-by-step approach aims to create a smooth transition while maintaining the high standards of user experience.

🎤 Founder Feedback

We're excited about this crucial step towards a decentralized ecosystem, which will enhance user privacy and network resilience.Pedro Gomes, CEO of WalletConnect

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