Wasabi Set To Launch Perps

Wasabi Set To Launch Perps

Wasabi is set to launch its Perps feature on testnet next week in collaboration with Flooring Protocol, introducing Fully-Collateralized Perps on μ-tokens.

The Deets

  • Partnership with Flooring Protocol: Launching Fully-Collateralized Perps on μ-tokens.
  • Innovative Derivatives Infrastructure: Focused on long-tail assets for varied trading strategies.
  • Fully Collateralized and Physically Settled: Ensures minimal risk and zero counterparty risk.
  • Unique Earning Opportunities: LPs earn interest by depositing ETH, μ-tokens, or both.

The Bulk

Wasabi is advancing its derivatives infrastructure by introducing Fully-Collateralized Perpetual Contracts (Perps) on μ-tokens in collaboration with Flooring Protocol. This initiative aims to provide a reliable platform for traders looking to long, short, and earn with minimal risk.

Emphasizing protocol solvency as its top priority, Wasabi ensures that, like its fully collateralized options, the Perps will be physically settled and backed by Flooring’s μ-tokens, thereby eliminating counterparty risk.

Liquidity Providers (LPs) have the unique opportunity to deposit either ETH, μ-tokens, or a combination of both, to earn interest on supported ERC-20s. This approach not only secures fully backed trading positions on the Ethereum Mainnet but also sidesteps the risk of protocol insolvency.

A distinctive feature of these Perps is their impact on the NFT fraction market. Unlike traditional futures, the physical settlement of these contracts directly influences NFT fraction prices, thus dynamically moving the market. 

🎤 Founder Feedback

Wasabi's top priority is protocol solvency Like our fully collateralized options, perps will be physically settled and backed by Flooring's tokens, ensuring zero counterparty risk.Wasabi

🎬 Take Action

To get early access to this platform, traders can fill out a form for early access at Wasabi Perps Early Access Form.

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