We Do A Little Open Edition Minting

We Do A Little Open Edition Minting

We Do A Little, a podcast by Tessera that is hosted by two of its team members DeezeFi and andy8052 announced it is creating its own NFT to celebrate the podcast's first season.

Tessera was previously known as Fractional, for more on the company's recent transition read the full story on Lucky Trader.

The "Season 0" NFT can currently be minted for 0.0142069 ETH on the official minting website. Season 0 is currently an open edition piece and will remain so until the last episode of its current season comes to an end on Sep. 20. 

However, despite currently having an uncapped supply the NFT will still have utility as it grants you access to the token gated #wedoalittle channel in Tessera's official Discord.

The first episode of the podcast is set to release on Aug. 23.

For those curious about what the We Do A Little podcast will look like, the team recently released a clip from an interview it did with artist Pop Wonder.

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