Worldcoin Announces World Chain

Worldcoin Announces World Chain

Worldcoin unveiled World Chain yesterday, a blockchain built for humans, to enhance the efficiency and user experience across the globe.

The Deets

  • Dedicated Network: Transitioning Worldcoin transactions to World Chain to manage increasing user demand and network stress.
  • User Verification: Integration of World ID for transaction prioritization and gas allowances, enhancing user engagement and security.
  • Scalability and Efficiency: Plans to scale to 1 billion users by improving transaction speeds and costs, reducing blockchain congestion.
  • Developer and Community Support: Introduction of community grants and partnerships to foster development on World Chain.

The Bulk

Worldcoin is taking on an ambitious goal with the launch of World Chain, a blockchain designed for humans.

Transitioning to World Chain, Worldcoin aims to alleviate the strain on the Optimism Mainnet, where it currently accounts for approximately 44% of all Layer 2 gas consumption. This shift will not only cater to existing demands but also ensure scalability for future growth, projecting a target of one billion users.

World Chain will feature user verification via World ID, which allows for anonymous yet verified transactions, giving human users priority in transaction processing and an allocation of free gas. This move is aimed at reducing the prevalence of unproductive bot activities which often clog the network.

For developers, World Chain will offer a conducive environment for creating apps that leverage World ID's sybil resistance, focusing on decentralized finance and identity utilities. The network promises to support innovations that enhance everyday utility for its global user base.

🎤 Community Quotes

Along with the rest of Worldcoin, for World Chain to succeed it must be built, owned and governed by all of humanity. Worldcoin

💰 Humanity Talks

Users verified through World ID will enjoy benefits such as transaction prioritization and gas allowances, which are part of Worldcoin's strategy to make blockchain technology more accessible and affordable for ordinary users.

🔜 What's Next?

Worldcoin is gearing up for a developer preview of World Chain soon, with a full launch expected later this summer. Community members and developers are encouraged to engage with the upcoming features and explore potential partnerships.

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