X Removes NFT PFP Feature

X Removes NFT PFP Feature

X, formerly Twitter, removed its NFT profile picture feature for premium subscribers, amid new AI tool and peer-to-peer payment launches, according to a report from TechCrunch

The Deets

  • NFT Profile Picture: Feature launched in January 2022 under previous management
  • Removal: Feature descriptions erased from the X Premium support page
  • Legacy Users: For now, Hexagonal avatars remain for users who previously set NFTs

The Skinny

Amidst the announcement of launching new AI-powered tools and peer-to-peer payment systems in 2024, X has silently retracted its NFT PFP support feature for its premium subscribers. Introduced in January 2022, the feature allowed premium subscribers to verify ownership of a NFT and set it as their PFP. 

According to the TechCrunch report, X removed all information related to this NFT profile picture feature from its Premium support page. 

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