X2Y2 Listings Back on Blur

X2Y2 Listings Back on Blur

Items listed on X2Y2 are back on Blur despite the former’s recent block of the new marketplace’s access to its data. 

The ability to list on X2Y2 from Blur is inactive — a message above the X2Y2 logo on individual NFT pages reads "X2Y2 listing API down." 

To get around the block and show X2Y2 listings on its site, Blur is reportedly using the Gem contract to display X2Y2 listings.

The move is the latest after X2Y2 said Blur applied for more than 10 API keys, violating its terms of service, according to a tweet Wednesday morning.

“They did give us a key and we're very comfortable on our position that we're not violating their terms of service," said Blur founder Pacman on Ryan Carson's Daily Dose Twitter Spaces.

The new marketplace also tweeted in response to the block that it intends "to build an open API that anyone can use."

"We will continue building to make our industry better for end-users in the coming days, months, and years!" Blur tweeted.

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