Yuga Labs Launches TwelveFold Puzzle Series

Yuga Labs Launches TwelveFold Puzzle Series

Yuga Labs launched a TwelveFold-inspired 13-week cipher puzzle series with Bitcoin prizes. 

The Deets

  • Cipher Puzzles: A weekly release of "Moon Puzzles" with 0.12 BTC prizes
  • Blockchain Integration: Users submit answers inscribed onto Bitcoin satoshis via Ordinal Theory
  • The Sun Puzzle: The grand finale in the 13th week offers a Yuga Twelvefold Ordinal as the prize
  • Participation Details: A Bitcoin fee (~$4-$8) required for answer inscription, but the puzzles are open to the public.

The Bulk

Launched earlier this year, TwelveFold introduced 300 unique generative art pieces inscribed onto satoshis, the smallest unit of Bitcoin. These artworks were part of a base 12 art system laid on a 12x12 grid, representing the data cartography on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Taking a step further, TwelveFold now introduces a cipher puzzle series, also based on the art. Every week for the next twelve weeks, a new "Moon Puzzle" will be released with a prize of 0.12 BTC for the solver.

These puzzles are unique because answers must be inscribed onto satoshis using Ordinal Theory, a protocol that assigns and tracks serial numbers to satoshis. The submission process involves sending a Bitcoin fee, which varies depending on network traffic but usually falls between $4 and $8.

In the thirteenth week, TwelveFold will release the grand finale—the "Sun Puzzle." The prize for solving this ultimate challenge is a Yuga Twelvefold Ordinal.

💰 Money Talks

Each winner will receive 0.12 BTC in prizes, approximately $3,000. Users need to fill out a tax forms to collect their winnings. 

🎬 Take Action

To participate, you'll need an Ordinals Bitcoin wallet. If you don't have one, follow the guide here. Then, head over to TwelveFold's Puzzle Page to try your luck.

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