ZKsync Unveils Elastic Chain

ZKsync Unveils Elastic Chain

ZKsync's latest upgrade introduces the Elastic Chain, an expanding network of interoperable ZK rollups.

The Deets

  • Ever-Expanding Network: The Elastic Chain includes over 20 new ZK Chains.
  • Uniform UX: Seamless user experience across chains.
  • Math-Backed Security: Transactions verified and enforced by Ethereum.
  • Low-Cost Interoperability: Cross-chain transactions cost as much as within a single ZK Chain.

The Bulk

ZKsync announced the launch of its Elastic Chain, a network of interoperable ZK rollups designed to enhance scalability, user experience, and security. The upgrade transforms ZKsync from a single Ethereum L2 into an ever-expanding ecosystem, comprising more than 20 new ZK Chains.

This innovative network aims to address the fragmentation and inefficiencies seen in current multi-chain systems. By leveraging ZK proof technology, the Elastic Chain ensures a unified user experience and seamless interoperability between chains. Users can operate with one address across multiple chains, pay fees in any liquid token, and enjoy fast confirmations.

The Elastic Chain architecture includes several key components:

  1. ZK Router: Manages network state, chain registrations, and shared liquidity.
  2. ZK Gateway: Facilitates full interoperability, faster finality for low latency bridging, and optimized interactions with Ethereum.
  3. ZK Chains: Autonomous rollups, validiums, or volitions, interconnected through the ZK Gateway and L1 smart contracts.

🔜 What's Next?

More than 20 ZK Chains are expected to be live by the end of 2024. 

ğŸŽ¬ Take Action

Developers interested in building on the Elastic Chain can check out the ZK Stack Guide for more information.

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