Zora Unveils Rewards for Developers and Creators

Zora Unveils Rewards for Developers and Creators

Zora launched Protocol Rewards, a new feature that will provide onchain earnings for creators and developers.

The Deets

  • Protocol Rewards: Onchain earnings system for creators and developers
  • Powered by the Mint Fee: Fee is automatically split across creators and developers
  • Fee remains the same: 0.000777 ETH per mint
  • New Collections Eligible: Available on new Free Mint projects

The Bulk

Zora unveiled a new way for creators and developers to earn on its platform: Protocol Rewards. As the name suggests, Protocol Rewards are onchain earnings that provide an avenue for creators and developers to monetize their content and tools.

This new rewards program is financed by Zora's Mint Fee, which is automatically divided between creators and developers. In effect, every time a mint is performed on the platform, a portion of the 0.000777 ETH fee goes to the creators and developers involved.

Notably, the Mint Fee itself has not been increased; rather, the share guaranteed to Zora has been significantly reduced, freeing up a larger portion for the creators and developers. The goal is to facilitate the creation of new experiences and tools, fostering an even more dynamic and inclusive ecosystem.

🎤 Community Quotes

that's so good, glad to see the minds behind zora thinking in ways to really make this space sustainable for everyoneocculted

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