Zynga's Upcoming Mint Will Be Free

Zynga's Upcoming Mint Will Be Free

Zynga unveiled Sugartown's latest highlight: the Oras collection will be available for free minting.

The Deets

Sugartown: A gaming platform designed by Zynga to bring fun, value, trust, transparency, and accessibility to players in web3. 

Oras Collection: Sugartown's inaugural collection enables holders to access the platform and ecosystem.

Acquisition: Users can obtain Oras through collaborations, Twitter and Discord giveaways, and potential public minting.

Minting Cost: Free, but subject to gas fees.

The Bulk

Zynga, a dominant force in mobile gaming, revealed more details about Sugartown yesterday. Sugartown has been developed not only to entertain players but to innovate the web3 domain with core values of trust, transparency, and accessibility. An integral part of this platform is the Oras collection, the first NFT collection that provides access to Sugartown. This set, initially released for Sugartown, gives its holders the key to access the platform and its encompassing ecosystem.

Oras were unleashed from another realm when a mishap occurred during a coding session in Sugartown, revealing an entirely different dimension. As a result, Oras are always working behind the scenes, devising fresh, captivating experiences for their holders.

But how can one secure an Ora? Zynga made provisions for obtaining Oras in diverse ways. Web3 participants can earn Oras via various communities and Sugartown has organized several giveaways on Twitter and Discord platforms.

Lastly, a highlight, the Oras collection will be available for minting free of charge, though standard gas fees apply. While the total supply of Oras remains under wraps for now, the developers assure that this will be disclosed prior to minting.

ğŸŽ¤ Platform Prose

Sugartown is a Web3 gaming platform and transmedia IP, created by ZW3. We created it to bring fun and value to players, while helping to push the Web3 space forward through trust, transparency and accessibility.Sugartown

🔜 What's Next?

More information regarding Oras and Sugartown is expected to trickle in over the coming weeks. 

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