3Landers Materials Being Airdropped

3Landers Materials Being Airdropped
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The second 3Landers Inventory has begun according to an announcement from the team

All owners of 3Landers Biomes, a companion NFT that was previously dropped to 3Landers holders, were eligible to receive the second batch of inventory.

The addition to the 3LAND INVENTORY collection on OpenSea includes NFTs like Galactic Wood, Stardust Metal, and more. The collection now boasts 12 separate ERC-1155 NFTs that were airdropped to 3Landers ecosystem participants. 

Since the airdropping began at approximately 10:30 a.m. ET, a handful of the latest NFTs have traded on OpenSea with prices ranging from 0.007 ETH for Stardust Metal to 0.055 ETH for Bubble Rubber. 

According to an announcement in the 3Landers' Discord, the shipbuilding process (for which the inventory is required) is expected to take place soon. 

The original 3Landers NFT collection was among top NFT movers yesterday, jumping 32 percent to 0.25 ETH floor. 

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