Sharp Wallets Exiting 8liens

Sharp Wallets Exiting 8liens

Sharp wallets, designated as those that have made a profit of more than 50 ETH, have been exiting the 8liens NFT project in the last 24 hours according to our Sharp Report. A net of 123 more sharp wallets has exited the project than entered it during that timeframe.

The free-to-mint project of 10,000 pixelated alien NFTs revealed its collection earlier today around noon ET, sending the floor price down sharply in the typical post-reveal fashion. 

Around the time of the reveal, the collection held a floor price of approximately 0.60 ETH. But at the time of writing, the floor price stands at just 0.32 ETH, nearly half the price at the time of reveal. 

Of the collections 10,000 8lien NFTs, 16 are featured 1/1s from notable artists from the NFT community, including AlphaCentauriKid, Bryan Brinkman, Gremplin, and more. The collection's top sale came from this mix of assets when 8lien #9624 featuring art from Peaceful Groupies creator, Yon Frula traded for 10.69 ETH (~$20,577). 

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More about 8liens

8liens is a collection of 10,001 pixelated space creature NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. 8liens minted at no cost and have zero royalties on secondary sales. All 8lien NFTs are released under the CC0 license, excluding the 16 1-of-1 pieces created by notable NFT artists.

At the time of publish, the 8liens floor price sits at 0.055 ETH, and has fallen -5.45 percent over the past 24 hours on 1 ETH volume of transactions. Over the last 30 days, 21 sharp wallets have sold 60 NFTs and 14 sharp wallets have bought 51 NFTs in the 8liens collection. Catch up on other recent 8liens news here.

Recent 8liens Sales

#3406sold at 12/02 8:12am for
#8119sold at 12/02 4:12am for
#4384sold at 12/02 1:12am for
#5660sold at 12/02 1:12am for
#8799sold at 12/02 1:12am for

Recent 8liens Listings

#3800listed at 12/02 8:12am for
#8122listed at 12/02 8:12am for
#6927listed at 12/02 8:12am for
#4459listed at 12/02 8:12am for
#4059listed at 12/02 8:12am for
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