9dcc's ITERATION-02 Redemption Is Now Live

9dcc's ITERATION-02 Redemption Is Now Live
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Holders of 9dcc's ITERATION-02 Proof of Mint NFT can now burn the NFT and redeem their physical garments, according to a tweet from the project. 

Unlocking the physical garment, which features a generative representation of the Chromie Squiggle, requires users to perform two steps. 

First, holders of the Proof of Mint NFT must burn the NFT for a 4K Vaulted NFT. The 4K Vaulted NFT represents the right to claim the respective physical garment. While the Vaulted NFT must not be immediately redeemed, it only maintains pre-paid vault storage for up to two years. 

After acquiring the Vaulted 4K NFT, users hoping to redeem the physical garment must then visit https://vault.4k.com/ and connect the wallet that holds the NFT. 

Here, users may redeem the physical garment and have it shipped to the location of their choice, just in time for the holidays! 


Both the Proof of Mint and Vaulted 4K NFT are tradeable on secondary markets. While the original Proof of Mint NFT was minted in person at Art Basel, it is now trading on secondary markets for 0.475 ETH.

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