Alpha Centauri Kid Sheds Light on Upcoming Collection

Alpha Centauri Kid Sheds Light on Upcoming Collection
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Popular digital artist Alpha Centauri Kid (ACK) released additional details for their upcoming collection "Broken Pianos" in a Twitter thread Wednesday.

ACK minted the first token from the collection and initiatized the OpenSea collection page, which can be found here. The first NFT in the collection (token #0) will be kept be ACK. The full collection is expected to be released in the spring and it will consist of 100 pieces. All 100 artworks will be 1/1s and the pieces will be distributed through individual auctions. These auctions will be open to the public, meaning anyone can bid on the pieces. 

While the collection's release is still months away, ACK wanted to initialize the contract before OpenSea's new royalty policy goes into effect on January 2. Any contracts deployed before that date will not be required to install an "operator filter/marketplace blocker to guarantee royalties.


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