P2P Trading Hits the Beast Marketplace

P2P Trading Hits the Beast Marketplace
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Peer-to-peer trading is officially live on the A Kid Called Beast Marketplace, promising a safer, direct trading environment. 

The Deets

  • Secure trading: Platform ensures asset safety and wallet security.
  • User experience: Focus on offering an easy, seamless trading experience.
  • Trade creation: Users can directly trade one or more assets or top-up with currency.
  • Unique promotion: Trades till the end of June stand a chance to unlock a Beast from the vault.

The Bulk

Safety and wallet security have been given top priority, with the platform's infrastructure designed to keep assets as safe as possible. The user interface is intuitive, and the trade creation process is straightforward - users can browse through the collection on the marketplace, initiate a direct trade with their assets, or sweeten the deal by topping up with currency.

Adding a layer of excitement to this feature, Beast Marketplace launched a unique promotion. Any trades carried out on the marketplace until the end of June can win an AKCB NFT from the vault. 

❗Why It Matters

Peer-to-peer trading is one of the most prevalant attack vectors in the web3 space, and although most have been sufficiently warned, it is nice to see project's creating or supporting solutions to limit potential losses for their collectors. 

🎬 Take Action

Interested in trying your hand at P2P trading and potentially unlocking a Beast from the vault? Check out the Beast Marketplace. 


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