Fren Coin Is Live

Fren Coin Is Live
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Fren Coin earning is now live for Original Alien Frens and Alien Frens Evolution holders according to a tweet from the team

Those who hold the necessary NFTs can head to to begin earning their Fren Coin. 

The amount of Fren Coin earned per day is dependent upon the amount and type of Alien Frens assets held. For example, the base rate of Fren Coin for Alien Frens Evolution NFTs is 0.1 per day. Therefore, if you hold two AFE NFTs, you'll earn 0.2 Fren Coin per day. 

A marketplace is soon coming for Fren Coin holders to use the Alien Frens' native token. 

Original Alien Frens NFTs and Alien Frens Evolution NFTs hold floor prices of 0.6 ETH and 0.12 ETH, respectively. 



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