Axie Infinity Introduces Land Delegation

Axie Infinity Introduces Land Delegation
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Axie Infinity: Homeland now allows land owners to delegate their plots to stewards, creating more gameplay opportunities for the Axie community.

The Deets

  • Land owners can delegate their plots to stewards
  • Gameplay rewards, like Leaderboard earnings, will be credited to the land owner’s Ronin wallet
  • Staked land plots cannot be delegated
  • Delegation period can be set between 1 and 365 days

The Bulk 

Land owners are now able to delegate their plots to stewards, who will have the unique opportunity to play Axie Infinity: Homeland. The rewards of this gameplay, specifically earnings from leaderboard placement, will be directly credited to the land owner's Ronin wallet.

However, it is crucial to note that only unstaked land plots can be delegated. This delegation feature serves as a testing phase as the game progresses towards the end of Alpha, simultaneously anticipating the introduction of new AXS gameplay loops within Homeland.

The delegation period for each plot can be set by the land owner, and it can range anywhere from a single day to a whole year.

🎬 Take Action

If you're a landowner interested in delegating your land, or a player eager to be a steward, make sure to check out the detailed guide on the Axie Infinity: Homeland website on how to get started with land delegation.

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