Axie Infinity Marketplace Gets Upgrade Allowing Offers

Axie Infinity Marketplace Gets Upgrade Allowing Offers
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Axie Infinity has announced a new feature for its marketplace, allowing anyone to send and receive offers for axies and land on App.axie.

❗ Why It Matters

The ability to send and receive offers has been a popular feature request for the gaming platform of late. The new feature allows users to make offers on items they want to buy, giving them more control and flexibility in their transactions. Additionally, customizable notifications and thresholds make it easier for users to manage their offers and stay informed of important developments.

🔎The Deets

  • Anyone, anywhere can now make and accept offers on app.axie.
  • Users can customize notifications and set minimum thresholds for email alerts on collectibles' offers.
  • Set email notifications by going to "Settings," clicking "Offers," and choosing the minimum amount that will trigger an email notification.
  • To manage offers, visit the "Offers" page accessed from the pop-out menu on the left, and see offers made on someone else's collectibles under the "Sent" tab.

⚡ Take Action

Start sending offers on the Axie Infinity Marketplace now. To place an offer, visit the marketplace, find the item you want to buy, and click "Make Offer".

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