Axie Infinity Unveils Season 6 Balancing Changes

Axie Infinity Unveils Season 6 Balancing Changes
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Balancing changes for Axie Infinity Origins Season 6 are unveiled, adjusting gameplay mechanics for Chubby, Nimo, and others.

The Deets

  • Chubby: Bleed Applied stacks reduced to 5 from 6.
  • Nimo (Ears): Base Shield now 60, previously 65.
  • Sponge: Base Shield reduced to 30 from 35.
  • Momo's Death Shower: Base ATK goes back to 20 from 25.
  • Energy Bursts: Card draw changes reverted.
  • Mirrors: PP Cost now 4, was 5.
  • Cuckoo: Card reworked for better synergy with Dispel.

The Bulk

Axie Infinity Origins Season 6 introduces significant gameplay adjustments for better balance and enhanced in-game experience. Chubby, a popular choice, sees a tweak in its Bleed Applied mechanics, which is reduced from 6 to 5 stacks, streamlining its interaction with the new Bleed Mechanic.

Nimo (Ears) and Sponge, recognized for their defensive capabilities, have been slightly nerfed. Their shields, which provide defensive layers to players, have been decreased to ensure more balanced interactions with opponents.

Momo's Death Shower has its Base ATK reverted due to redundancy caused by other in-game changes. Energy Burst, a crucial mechanic in gameplay, has its card draw mechanic reverted to favor variance and to prioritize deck manipulation effects.

The Red, Blue, and Green Mirrors see a decrease in their PP Cost, making them more accessible. Lastly, Cuckoo has undergone a significant rework to make it synergize better with the Dispel mechanism, enhancing its tactical value.

๐Ÿ”œ What's Next?

Players should prepare for the new season by adjusting their strategies and decks in line with the new balancing changes. More updates and possible tweaks may follow post-launch based on player feedback.

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