Axie Origins Adding Evolution

Axie Origins Adding Evolution
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Axie Infinity announced its adding its Axie Parts Evolution to Axie Infinity Origins. 

The Deets

  • Axie Parts Evolution: A new feature enhancing Axies in the Origins arena
  • Additional HP Gains: Axies receive +1 HP per level, extra +2 for Ascension levels
  • Part Upgrades: 42 parts with Effect Improvements, 150 with Stat Boosts
  • Enhanced Gameplay: Evolved axies gain a competitive edge in battles

The Bulk

Axie Infinity fulfilled a long-standing promise to its community with the introduction of Axie Parts Evolution in Axie Origins. 

Axie Parts Evolution allows players to enhance their Axies, granting them additional health points (HP) and specialized upgrades. Each Axie now gains an additional +1 HP per level, with an extra +2 HP for every Ascension level. 

Moreover, the update encompasses 192 parts, out of which 42 are set to receive Effect Improvements, and 150 will benefit from Stat Boosts. These upgrades are not just numerical improvements; they significantly alter the gameplay, with the average Stat Boost being around 15%.

Evolved Axies also undergo visual upgrades, reinforcing the immersive experience of the game. For competitive players, this evolution is crucial for excelling in the Arena and climbing the competitive ladder.

📊 By the Numbers

Axie Infinity's $AXS token is up ~30% in the last 7 days to $9.60. 

🔜 What's Next?

With the official balancing patch for Origins Season 7 scheduled for January 3 and the season starting mid-January, players have ample time to prepare. These updates, based on community feedback and Season 6 data, are pivotal for the upcoming season. Players should stay tuned for more details and the final launch date of Season 7.

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