AXP Levels Up the Axie Universe

AXP Levels Up the Axie Universe
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Axie Infinity introduced Axie Experience Points (AXP) and Axie Levels, transforming Axies into dynamic on-chain NFTs that can evolve and improve over time.

The Deets

  • Starting on July 19, users can earn AXP by playing Origins
  • Each winning ranked battle in Origins that consumes stamina grants each axie on the team 150 AXP
  • Once an axie gains 13,310 AXP, it can ascend, syncing its off-chain level on-chain
  • Ascending an axie allows you to upgrade its body parts

The Bulk

Axie Infinity unveiled Axie Experience Points (AXP) and Axie Levels yesterday. This significant development enhances the Axie universe, making the Axies not only a collection of digital assets but dynamic NFTs that can evolve and improve over time through a process called ascension.

The means of acquiring AXP is through the Origins game. Every stamina-consuming ranked battle won by an Axie's team will provide each Axie with 150 AXP. Therefore, the maximum AXP an Axie can amass daily is 4500, requiring 30 victorious ranked arena battles.

The integration of AXP extends beyond Origins. The team at Sky Mavis is dedicated to incorporating AXP into a plethora of Axie experiences, including first-party games and partnered projects.

The process of Ascension begins once an Axie has acquired 13,310 AXP. This process, essentially a "save point", moves the Axie's off-chain level to the blockchain. Ascension allows for upgrading of Axie's body parts and raises its level cap, adding further gameplay depth and personalization. There are three ascension points at levels 9, 19, and 29 respectively.

๐ŸŽค Founder Feedback

We believe that meta-games, embodied in ideas like AXP and Axie Core, are what make web3 gaming special. While legacy game developers attract players solely through immersion and/or fun, blockchain-infused games have the potential to introduce additional mechanics.Axie Infinity

๐Ÿ”œ What's Next?

With the foundation for Axie Progression now laid with the introduction of AXP, the Axie Infinity universe is set to expand even further. The team has hinted at the future integration of AXP across a multitude of Axie experiences, promising an even more engaging and rewarding gaming experience.

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