Azuki Gains After Full Day of Announcements

Azuki Gains After Full Day of Announcements
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Azuki's floor price is up more than 15 percent today to 11.73 ETH after a full day of announcements for the NFT project, according to Lucky Trader's NFT Volume tool.

Azuki saw its volume spike more than 1,500 percent to 837 ETH across 57 sales, which is also a 1,000+ percent increase day-over-day.

The team's new Physical Backed Token (PBT) will be introduced next week at the Proof of Skate event, where a limited edition series of golden skateboards will be auctioned off to the public. The physical objects are tied to an NFT via BEAN Chip technology, a cryptographic chip that self-generates an asymmetric key pair.

This Golden Skateboard Auction has been widely praised and accepted by the web3 community.

"This Azuki pump is a reminder that there's plenty of liquidity out there waiting to be deployed into NFT businesses that are actually going to deliver something," JWeb.eth said on Twitter.

"Azuki knows dope sh*t more than anyone," popular NFT personality Erick added. "Zagabond and [company] are truly making sh*t exciting for their community and going their own route. Well done."

But not all holders are sold that this event benefits them.

"The Azuki thing seems dope, [probably] the future of NFTs, and a cool usecase," said Niloc. "[But] why would it make me pay a cent more for an Azuki, though?"

For now, Azuki is in the green.

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