Azuki Grails Trade Hands

Azuki Grails Trade Hands
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Three notable Azuki NFTs sold for more than 150 ETH this weekend as the overall collection rose three percent to a 14.40 ETH floor. 

The Deets

  • Azuki NFTs Nos. 5627, 5889, and 9185 all traded above 150 ETH
  • Only one of the three was a Spirit Azuki
  • Azuki's collection floor is up three percent in the last seven days

📊 By the Numbers

Azuki has quietly moved up in the last month despite a major fallout for most NFT collections, particularly those that are primarily categorized as PFP projects. After the latest Spirit Azuki sale, the Spirit floor stands at 200 ETH.

❗️Why It Matters

The consistency with rare Azuki's command major sums definitely sends a feeling of strength resonating throughout the rest of the collection. While the floor price decline registers at 44 percent over the last year, the strength throughout the depths of the bear market have helped march Azuki up the charts. Where previous midtier companions Doodles, Moonbirds, and Clone X have failed to maintain positive sentiment and attention, Azuki has thrived. The collection is up to No. 5 in our overall power rankings as a result. 

🔥 Hot Taek 

Something might be around the corner for Azuki as well. The collection recently teased a June meet up in Las Vegas featuring a rabbit silhouette on the poster. Normally when Azuki starts to tease, something follows. Perhaps there is no coincidence we saw these three grails trade shortly after the tweet


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