Azuki NFTs Running on Metaverse and Partnership Speculation

Azuki NFTs Running on Metaverse and Partnership Speculation
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Azuki's floor price is pushing closer to the psychologically significant 10 ETH mark, currently sitting at 8.88 ETH, a 28 percent increase from the day prior. The project has 494 ETH in total volume trade, a 144 percent increase from the day prior, and 53 total sames, a 104 percent increase from the day prior, according to Lucky Trader's Project Rankings.

Azuki has not made an official announcement on Twitter or Discord to instigate the recent uptick in volume and pump in floor price, but the team did tweet, "An open anime universe for the world." Additionally, the official Azuki Twitter retweeted a post from the co-founder of the Spirit DAO, which insinuated a collection of high-level partnerships for the project.

"The Azuki Spirit Club is evolving to be one of the most exclusive groups in the space, with business leaders and influencers coming together to push Azuki forward," the tweet reads. "The dots are being connected."

Tagged in the tweet is Adrian Cheng, an art collector and creator of AC Journal who recently purchased more than 100 Azuki NFTs under the moniker LastKnightEth; DFarmer, an NFT collector and creator of the Apesthetics street wear company; Dingaling, an NFT collector with more than 100 Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs, 100 Cool Cats, and 50 Azukis; and Arthur Cheong, the founding partner at DeFiance Capital, a leading web3 and crypto-focused investment firm.

BEANZ, an Azuki expansionary collection, is also up more than 28 percent on its floor price in the last 24 hours.

Whether or not Azuki is working on building a metaverse or collaborating with these aforementioned industry leaders is yet to be seen.

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