Azuki's Gold-Plated Skateboards With Crypto Chips Coming Oct. 21

Azuki's Gold-Plated Skateboards With Crypto Chips Coming Oct. 21
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Azuki is dropping a series of nine 24-karat gold skateboards to showcase its new open-source, decentralized ownership tracking chip technology, the project announced in a video Monday.

The skateboards will be available Oct. 21, according to the video, but the project did not say how holders or users will be able to qualify for or purchase the items, which will be integrated with Physical Backed Token, a technology that ties a digital token to a physical item.

Azuki introduced the token Monday, saying the technology, which it called "the Bean Chip" could be used "to mint or claim a new kind of token" in what the project is calling "scan-to-own."

"This is just the tip of the iceberg for the new types of experiences which are possible with this type of technology," the video said.

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