Azuki Volume Dips Following NFT NYC

Azuki Volume Dips Following NFT NYC
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Azuki was one of the biggest winners leading up to and into NFT NYC as the project was sixth in total volume traded with more than 2,000 ETH going to the collection over the last week.

The floor price also saw a nice rise during this time span as it rose as high as almost 13.0 ETH and now currently sits at 11.40 ETH which is good for an increase of 14 percent according to the Lucky Trader Project Rankings.

With the NFT NYC coming to a close the volume of the project has not held up as well as it has only traded 96.0 ETH today which is a decrease of more than 50 percent from the day prior.

Its expansion collection Beanz has also taken a hit as the project has only done 24.0 ETH in volume in the last 24 hours which is a decrease of 75 percent from the previous day.

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