Azuki Website Updated With Possible Airdrop Clues

Azuki Website Updated With Possible Airdrop Clues
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The Azuki website was updated Tuesday with some clues about a possible airdrop coming to holders in September.

Users can now interact with a new page called "The Alley" under the World tab where a character named Shao flicks a red bean on her way toward a gate. A calendar on one of the stalls shows two dates: Oct. 14 and Sept. 23. There is also a gold skateboard on the wall which users can click on but no information is provided.

There are also hidden links in the page that lead users to:

"There's a lot of rumors about what's going on beneath the alley...Some say it looks like your hidden folder on OS..." a message on the page says.

The Azuki floor price was down to 6 ETH (more than 38 percent over the last month) before the announcement, but an eight-NFT sweep of the floor bumped it up to 6.3 ETH.

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