Drawing for Azuki-AMBUSH Collaboration Opens Wednesday

Drawing for Azuki-AMBUSH Collaboration Opens Wednesday
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Azuki is releasing a set of hoodies and pendants in a collaboration with Tokyo-based luxury jewelry and apparel company AMBUSH, according to an announcement from the project Monday. 

There will be 1,000 hoodies, 500 silver dragon pendants, and 50 gold pendants available to all users (with "priority" for holders) in a drawing set to open Nov. 9 at noon ET on the Azuki website's AMBUSH page where users can listen to Drake and Blackpink while they wait.

Users will need to send the ETH value of the items in their wallets when registering for the drawing and those prices will be released Wednesday. The winners will be selected after the drawing closes Nov. 11. Winners will be airdropped NFTs for the items they won and others will be refunded their committed ETH.

A week after the airdrop, there will be three days for winners to either trade their NFT or redeem it. 

The hoodies, which come in black and white and feature an outline of a bean on the right sleeve, are included with the project's Physical Backed Token, or PBT — the same token in Azuki's golden skateboards which were auctioned off last month and raised more than $2 million for the project. The pendants feature two carved dragons, one in silver and another in gold.

Jewelry on the AMBUSH website ranges in price from $245 to $4,065 depending on the precious metal used. Hoodies are around $750

Pendants from the Azuki and AMBUSH collaboration.
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